Sound and Vis(i)on from V. Roseline Siegl on Vimeo.

3 bands, some experimental artists and cultural institutions mashed
together to take creativity to new levels. The project is enabling the artists to represent
themselves and to encourage promoters from home and abroad to work with new Austrian artists.
Since informal collective is becoming increasingly important to the future of music,
this Austrian project is a good example to develop a wider awareness of music with a hint of
accidental topicality.
In the wide framework of the project the bands are touring “South”

On the road:

A young filmmaker is responsible for virtual documentation of the tour,
which at least is sexier than another road movie, and will be screened -as a work in progress-
as an epilogue to the tour.

3 bands in a naïve bohemia without fanfare are challenging the audience to take a peep in a melange of
music styles which doesn’t go lateral according to the lovers of the smoky idea of a scene.


Liger – Split Yourself Lilith

Son of a Gun – The Porchsong

Tod des Trompeters – Gospel

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