We are back

Sadly, neither the gig in Igounemitsa, nor the one in Southern Italy was possible in the end, so Son of a Gun and Liger played a few acoustic songs each at Moustache.

For those of you in Innsbruck and surrounding areas: see you tonight at Kunstraum for some more music and the screening of the raw material of the movie!

gig in igounemitsa

We very spontaneously got another gig for tomorrow in Igounemitsa at a place called Stathmos.
Starting at 8 (really!) because we have to catch our ship to Ancona Son of a Gun and Liger will play a set of accoustic songs.
We are also trying to get another gig for Friday … if you know of anywhere in Northern Italy where we could play please do let us know via the contact form of this site.
It would be much appreciated.
We have everything soundwise so all we’d need is a stage!

hello from ioannina

So the tour has almost come to an end …
we had three more very successful gigs, two in Athens and one in Ioannina.
For the most part this tour turned out really great, we do seem to leave a trail of disaster, though, in the first two places we were staying the toilet flushing thing broke, and the day before yesterday the boiler exploded and the cellar was filled with oil and water.
We’re now just waiting for the house to explode …
Sadly there will be no more pictures for a while because I got sand into my camera …

myself I am slowly running out of tapes, we have three, maybe four more gigs so I need to get more.
Someone apparently found it funny to turn on the tv at full blast this morning (were there was some mass or something) and then run away.