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Liger, Vienna’s (Austria) notorious indie-art-rock-duo
consisting of art-school-dropout Dino Spiluttini (27) & classically trained
percussionist Gernot Scheithauer (28),
explore the grey zones of popular and contemporary music bearing references
indie acts such as Xiu Xiu or Björk as well as avant-garde composers
such as Varese, Messiaen and Cowell. The duo rely on a variety of
instruments including Austrian folk instruments such as zither and accordion.

Liger released their debut album “Crash Symbols” on Beatismurder Records in
October 2008. The album title gives indication of a central theme
in the duos work: the playful deconstruction of genres,
statements, things and they do it straight-faced
yet childlike, not caring about the rest of the world. It is exactly
this deconstruction which allows the band to build on their own new world.

Since the creation of Liger in autumn 2006 they have played several tours
that led them through 9 countries, sharing stages with acts
like Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista (US), Unwed Sailor (US),
The Paper Chase (US), Rechenzentrum (GER), Otto Von Schirach (US),
Picastro (CAN), Britta Persson (SWE), Trouble Over Tokyo (UK),
A.R.E Weapons (US)…

Son of a Gun

Beautifully austere songs with lyrics that are somewhere in between tongue in cheek, irony, and resignation.
He prefers it to be dusky which he defines as genuine.
The songs can be described as alternative country somewhere in the land of
folkpunk and indie / singer songwriter.
The ballads are mostly melancholic, dark and unagitated.
Still, under a thick layer of dust you can find one or the other heartwarming popsong.
You’d almost have to feel sorry for this 28 year old walkabout from innsbruck if it
wasn’t for the fact that many of the songs, not least thanks to his sense of irony,
are charmingly schlageresque.
A concert of Son of a Gun is mandatory for every melancholic civilisation horseman.

Tod des Trompeters
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Vanessa Roseline
appreciates hours so late they turn early
again. She tends to get lost in millions of projects
and is the designated film maker & webmaster for this tour